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Want to know a bit more about us? 

We are Candy Apple Grove, an  award-nominated video production company.  We can help you promote your business or event by creating videos that will catch the eye of your target audience. We produce all types of videos from product promos to event films, to anything we can think of which will help your business thrive.

Founded by Sam Gamble, Candy Apple Grove is built on creating new and exciting entertainment. Originally with seeds sown in Winchester, Hampshire, we have spread our roots across the UK including the Midlands, London, Cambridgeshire and Dorset

We’ve helped charities, UK companies and international brands unleash the power of video marketing in their business.  And we can help you too. Send us an email today and let's get talking about your next video!


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Creative Director



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Meet the Team

Our Strategy

Creative Work


When you approach us for a project, we will develop story-driven concepts which will emotionally impact  and engage with your target audience. But we also know that you may have ideas that you want to see on screen. We meet with you to discuss ideas and develop an idea which you will be dying to see. This step is completely free of charge.



Once the concept has been approved, the real work begins. From here, it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the project. Casting and location recces will take place, with your preferences always leading the way. We will write a script, building on the agreed concept, before sending it to the appropriate clearance agency for approval. This will ensure that the video will not be rejected from broadcast clearance at a later stage.



Once everything is in place, we shoot the video. This usually takes 1-2 days. Our team are very experienced film-makers and work together on every project. This saves time and money when it comes to crewing up. Members of your team are always welcome on set and encouraged to take part on the day.

Editing a Movie


Once the video is shot, we move into post-production. Again, you will play an important role in building the final film. At this stage, the project will be sent to the appropriate clearance service twice; one rough cut and one final cut. This helps everyone stay on track, meaning the video makes it on screen as soon as possible. Once everything is approved, we will send the final cut to the distributor.

Legal Handshake


The service which will be used to approve your adverts depends on where your advert will be shown. Television commercials are cleared by Clearcast and cinema commercials are cleared by the Cinema Advertising Association. Online adverts do not require approval, but we will contact the Committee of Advertising Practises to ensure that the commercial adheres to their codes.