Midsummer House

Midsummer House has always been a Cambridge institution and with the changing times, we believe that working with Candy Apple Grove will bring you into the modern world, combining the traditional and the tried-and-true with a modern, cutting-edge aesthetic. 


About The Team

Candy Apple Grove is a young and innovative company, ready to try bold new ideas in video production. We pride ourselves on consistency and creativity, always experimenting and pushing the boundaries within our field. 

Sam Gamble is the creative director and founder of the company. An award nominated short film director and producer, Sam has turned his talents to wedding videography in recent years, and will offer a unique creative outlook on the project; championing innovation along the way. 

One member of our team, Daryl Reader, is a YouTube Content Creator with nearly 400,000 subscribers, and has provided us with a lot of insight into the inner workings of the platform. 

A Taste of What We Can Do...

QR Codes

We love the idea of having QR Codes on the table to introduce dishes and how they are made. For this to work in sync with the dining experience, we would create B-Roll style clips showcasing the processes that go into making the dish, exaggerating the moves and techniques used. We would combine this with kinetic typography to create a silent yet visually striking experience that tells the full story of a dish in under 30 seconds. 



Restaurant Table
Comp 1 4.00_00_24_18.Still001.jpg


Taking cues from the likes of ‘Sortedfood’, ‘Joshua Weissman’ and ‘Binging With Babish’, your YouTube content could potentially be used to showcase the personality and atmosphere of the restaurant, allowing the relationships between chefs to shine through. From your central YouTube page, you can host the QR videos, with us creating portrait versions of every video for YouTube Shorts that can also be used on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook,  giving you a full spread of social media assets. 


Personality is the key to success


Allowing the personality of your chefs and workers to shine through, especially with unscripted interjections from others in the restaurant, would contribute to a more personal connection between your content and your audience. You wouldn’t be sacrificing sophistication. You'll be giving your audience the opportunity to connect on a more human level. 

Although your plans for YouTube are longer term and not planned to launch until the summer, starting to create content now will help in the long run. The key to succeeding and growing on the platform is consistency, so creating a bank of content gives you the flexibility to craft your release schedule. The Table-Based Content can take priority, whilst our editors are working in the background to have a substantial amount of content ready to go when you are ready to launch.

Content Stream

5 Minute Facebook Version
YouTube Shorts
TikTok How-to
10 Minute How-To
Silent QR Code B-Roll
Instagram B-Roll Clips
Stylised B-Roll TikTok
Total Output: Minimum 10 Videos

With this content stream, you get the most out of a short shooting window. Maximising your content improves your value for money and gives you options and flexibility in your content scheduling. 

With Candy Apple Grove, you don't have to worry about content being ready on time, and whether or not it's in the proper format or aspect ratio. We handle all of that for you. All you need to do is drag and drop our videos into your schedule.

The total cost for one run of this content stream is £750. 

If you are interested in making this content regularly, we can discuss our fixed-rate RCP (Regular Content Plan), which gets you a guaranteed output every month with prices starting from £600 a month on a 12 month contract.

We appreciate you taking the time to read over this proposal. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

For any questions. contact sam@candyapplegrove.co.uk
Thank you for considering Candy Apple Grove Productions.